Short description of project

National Project:
Increasing quality of primary and secondary education with the use of electronic testing

Operational programme: Education
Project is co-financed from the European Social Fund

Realised in: Banskobystrický Region, Košický Region, Nitriansky Region, Prešovský Region, Trenčiansky Region, Trnavský Region, Žilinský Region, Bratislavský Region

Priority axis 1: The reform of education and training system
Measure 1.1: Transformation of traditional school into a modern one
ITMS Project Code: 26110130546

Priority axis 4: Modern education for knowledge-based society for Bratislava Region
Measure 4.1.: Transformation of traditional school into a modern onefor Bratislava Region
ITMS Project Code: 26140130030

Project realisation period: March 2013 – November 2015

Financing of the project:
European Social Fund (85%), State Budget of the Slovak Republic (15%)
Overall budget: EUR28,220,242.60

Main objective of the project: Create the conditions necessary for gradual involvement of all primary and secondary schools in electronic testing.