More than 4,400 Paper-Based Maturita Test Being Replaced by E-Test

From 17th March to 20th March, our secondary school students were not just clicking with traditional pens, but also with mice buttons.

On Tuesday, 17th March, the online or offline electronic form of secondary school-leaving exam of Slovak language and literature was chosen by almost3,100 studentsat 166 certification secondary schools. On Thursday, 19th March, the test of mathematics was taken electronically by more than 1,150 students at 90 schools, and on Friday 20th, the E-test of Hungarian language and literature was selected by nearly 190 senior students at 12 schools.

At the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Fajnorovo Quay in Bratislava, the electronic form of external part of secondary school-leaving examination in Slovak language and literature was chosen by 100% graduates-to-be. Test of mathematics was taken e.g. by senior students of Business Academy, Wilsonova 61 in Košice or students of Secondary Electrotechnical School, Hálova 16 in Bratislava. At Grammar school, Adyho 7 in the town of Štúrovo, the students graduated from the Hungarian language and literature.