Testing 9 Tests, Maturita Tests and Test about The Simpsons Being the Most Popular E-Tests at Bažant Pohoda 2015

At Bažant Pohoda 2015, the festival visitors could enjoy not only music, but also testing their knowledge. Most often they chose the Testing 9 test and Maturita test of Slovak language and mathematics, test of the famous Simpson family from Springfield, but also the test of the European Union.

The National Institute for Certified Educational Measurements, which has implemented the national project "Increasing the quality of primary and secondary education with the use of electronic testing" (E-Test), had its shelter overcrowded during all festival days.
"I am already a university student, but I wanted to know how my brother graduated this year, because he had chosen the electronic testing form," said one of the former high school students from Piešťany after passing the E-Test of Slovak language and literature with 80% success rate. "I participated in your project in developing history tasks for secondary school students. I'm also here with my nephew, who reached 100% in the E-test about drinking water in Slovakia last year," another visitor said. 
 "We are glad that this year our mini e-tests were also really popular among festival visitors.  Also those who had already passed the E-tests on Pohoda last year came again and wanted to try our new tasks. Many people have already heard about electronic secondary school-leaving exam, which we implemented in our project in the school year 2014/2015, and wanted to get more familiar with our electronic interface", the PR manager of E-Test Mária Grebeňová-Laczová said. The tasks were successfully solved by teachers, this year's graduates-to-be, college students and also families with children.  The guarantors working in the E-Test project also prepared for visitors at the Trenčín Airport some tests "tailored" to the festival atmosphere - about Björk, Manu Chao or SĽUK.