Central Slovaks Dominated the E-Testing 9-2015

The opportunity to attend this year's Testing 9 in a modern, electronic form was taken on Wednesday, 15th April 2015by nearly 1,700 elementary school ninth-graders at 111 certification schools in Slovakia. As their classmates who were solving the tasks in an "old-fashioned" way - on paper, they were only able to use their knowledge, drawing equipment and a calculator while testing.

Since the ninth-graders could decide to take the electronic certification test of all required subjects (Slovak language and literature and mathematics in schools with Slovak language of instruction, or the Slovak language and Slovak literature, Hungarian language and literature and mathematics in schools with Hungarian language of instruction), on Wednesday these modern students replaced overall 3,505 paper-based tests with electronic ones. In the future, Slovakia could save considerable amount of finances associated with printing and distribution of paper tests by using the electronic form of testing. Moreover, the school headmasters would have no more worries with delivery of tests to their schools on the day of testing.

The largest number of students who chose to take E-Testing 9-2015 in the electronic test system E-Test was recorded in Banská Bystrica, Žilina and Nitra self-governing regions. The smallest number was from Bratislava, Prešov and Trnava regions.
We would like to thank all headmasters, school coordinators, IT administrators and supervisors for cooperation during testing, as well as all those "modern" ninth-graders for engaging in the electronic form of Testing 9.